DORNIER 228 for FSX & Prepar3D

Do 228
Pictures from the simulator are of the tech-model, not the actual model. This is a low resolution test model that serves as a platform for testing different aspects of the development process, mainly systems programing, including the FDE.
June 20 2015

Development of the ant eater has resumed, picking up pieces where ever I might find them.
Unfortunatly, my run in with the thunder God ruined all previous efforts and the model itself was lost.
So therefore, a new fuselage has been made, or to clarefy, is being made. The wheelwell, vertical
stabilizer and wings will be next.

As soon as those are in place, the virtual cockpit work will be next. And although the mesh got lost,
the majority of FDE and gauges programming was saved. And might I boldly state that programming
is the most time consuming part of the development, so in spite of all the bad luck, at least this part
was saved.
Just a couple of renders (above and below) of the actual model being worked on right now.
If you have any questions or even better, if you have access to the real aircraft or maybe youre a pilot (past or present) and would like to chime in, please do. Just drop me a note by clicking HERE.
All files and images are Copyrighted by Polystack/P.Jorgensen