Various Sceneries for Norway.

Work in progress

Development info

In general, a little bit of everything, mainly focused on
enhancing the Norwegian landscape.
In so far as release dates are conserned, there are none.
This is mainly due to Murphy's law and then some "I realy
do not know" type thing.

Recent release: AoNN - East (alpha) is online.
It is compatible with AoN, and it is highly recomended
that you install both the airport as well as the photo sceneries
for maximum enjoyment.

AoNN East and West will be and remain as alpha releases
until I have enough information to finalize them 100%.

I would like to stress that these sceneries are still under
development, although released to the public.
So it's not like you are beta testing in the traditional sense,
all sceneries are fully functional and void of bugs (hopefully).

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All files and images are Copyrighted by Polystack/P.Jorgensen